Emergency lighting Cork

Emergency lighting Cork


safety tech fire

All the engineers that service emergency lighting cork are again qualified electrician s.
The company is registered and coply with ecssa.
( electrical contractors safety & standard association )
Aa a company we trained all engineers to the latest i.S 3217 2013 . All employee s  passing with results above 85%.Emergency lighting testing is very important so that in the event of power failure you have light to be able to exit a building safely and the fire service can enter the building safely if needed

. Biggest problems with lighting is 

1- fittings in the wrong area
2- Not enough lighting in areas
3- fitting s not being tested regularly
and failing when needed.
4- fitting s being blocked
5- not working on local circuit failure
These are the issues Safety tech fire can sort and document for our clients.  A service will point out problem s if any need addressing. 
Emergency lighting is a very important part of any building and needs to be maintained .

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