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How Different Fire Equipment Can Be Used To Extinguish Fires

www.safetytechfire.ieAnytime there is a fire, there are various stages at which different steps should be taken to put it out. Knowing what to do at each stage is vital. Equally important is having the right equipment for each stage and knowing how to use it. Every minute during a fire counts and this article seeks to educate you on how to go about such precarious situations should they arise.

The first step of a fire is detection. This happens immediately the fire has begun or is about to. At this stage, the fire is relatively small and can be easily contained. Most times however, one does not usually know that there is a fire yet. Luckily, there are advanced smoke detectors that use ionization or photo electricity to detect smoke. Once detected, they sound off an alarm to alert people of a fire.

At this early onset, one can put out the fire using a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket or a fire bucket. These are manual ways of putting out the fire and rely on people’s quick responses. Either one of these methods can only put out small fires effectively and quickly. A fire blanket extinguishes fire by cutting off oxygen while a fire extinguisher directly expels water, powder or carbon dioxide at the fire source. These are good because they can put out fires from flammable liquids, gases, chemicals or oils. Fire buckets have been outdated but are still in use in some areas. These contain water or sand and are publicly located for ease of reach.

Thanks to technology, sometimes the fire can be put out immediately it starts even without the input of one’s effort. Water sprinklers are such kind of fire equipment that can detect and initiate measures to put out the fire. This means even if one is unaware of the fire or unavailable, the fire will be combated.

fire alarmWhen the fire engulfs a room or building can no longer be contained individually, it’s time to exit and alert other people to do the same. Fire alarms are created for this specific purpose. Sometimes the alarm can be automatic on detecting smoke. In most places however, it has to be manually activated by breaking glass out pulling fire alarm lever. This alerts everyone in the building that to exit and get out of harm’s way.

At this point, fire fighters have to come in and tackle the now engulfing flames. This may require use of specialized machines and equipment such as ladders and water pumps. Fire fighters also have heat insulating clothing that enables then stay protected from the heat and flames. Axes and crowbars are also used to gain entry into locked rooms.


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