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Our engineers will help you to install and maintain you fire alarm system to comply with Irish standard 3218. We provide quarterly, bi annual and annual service visits as required.

We provide a 24/7 callout service:

1. Fire Alarm Activation

2. Fault Finding

3. Emergency Works





We have the latest software for most fire panels and use the latest testing equipment. We have fully stocked vans with spare parts for most fire systems. All parts carry a 12 month warranty.


We believe that with our technical knowledge we can provide quality maintenance service to all our customers.



Conventional Fire Alarm Equipment

In the control panel you will have only zones from where many smoke detectors are connected in each zone e.g. Ground Area: Zone 1, 1st floor: Zone 2, Second floor: Zone 3. You have to go to the Zone and check all areas for fire.

You could have 15 smoke detectors on a zone on the ground floor of a building which could be zone 1. So you would have to search all the rooms on the ground floor to find the detector in fault or in fire.


Addressable Fire Alarm Equipment

This is an intelligent system. In this case the fire panel has a digital screen and will tell you what zone and exactly the location of the detector. An addressable detector has a unique address (e.g. Number) this number detector gets a location address put into the fire panel when the system is first commissioned.

So when a detector goes off it will say ground floor, room 4. This type of system cuts down on time, fault finding and in the event of a fire gives exact location.