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Safety Tech Fire carries an extensive range of products for commercial, industrial, retail and domestic needs.


We have carefully selected each product on the basis of the following:

Product Reliability


Stock Availability


Back up Support




All products will meet one or more of the following standards:
(i) Irish Standard (I.S.) (ii) British Standard (B.S.) and (iii) European Norm (E.N)


Click on your preferred area of interest below:


Fire Alarm Systems



In this section, you will find a list of Fire Alarm products

including Fire Alarm Panels,Smoke/Heat Detectors,

Break Glass Units, Sounders and so on.






Fire Extinguishers



In this section, you will find our extensive range of Fire Extinguisher Equipment

including various types of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blankets, Fire Safety Signs and

so on. You will also find the different classes of Fire: ABCDF explained in detail.






Emergency Lighting



In the Emergency Lighting section, there are two Irish suppliers we use which

have been manufacturing and supplying to the industry for many years. Here you

will find bulkhead fittings, fire exit directional fittings, twin spot fittings and so on.