Fire Safety Training

Here at Safety Tech Fire we can provide countrywide fire safety courses for your staff/employees. Fire safety training is a legal requirement for staff members. The courses we provide are expertly delivered in-house, with programmes that will suit your time and date restrictions.

Fire training for members of staff should be especially relevant to their job role. An example would be staff members who are expected to tackle small fires with extinguisher equipment, in this instance our fire extinguisher training courses would be ideal. Additionally when hiring new workers assessing their existing fire safety knowledge is always advisable, in some cases this may be insufficient and hence utilising the experience and know-how of our dedicated instructors is essential.

Many businesses will need fire marshals as part of their operations. Understandably these fire marshals will require additional training in order to perform their role effectively. Safety Tech Fire are proud to offer courses that give trainees a full understanding of fire safety issues pertaining to effective evacuation procedures and methods of fire prevention.


Fire Safety

Our training courses include the following aspects:

  1. Current fire safety legislation
  2. The effects of fire on companies
  3. The chemical processes that result in fire
  4. The causes of fire
  5. Effective evacuation procedures
  6. Preferable staff reactions to fire
  7. Fire protection methods
  8. Fire extinguisher training


Fire Risk Assessment

Under Ireland’s Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, every employer must identify the hazards in his or her workplace, including the fire risks. These hazards must be assessed and presented in a written format as a Fire Risk Assessment. Companies must also comply with specific fire legislation including the Fire Services Act 1981 and 2003, the Building Regulations and various Codes of Practice.

At Safety Tech Fire we can provide a fire risk assessment that gives your business an action plan which actively works towards reducing the chances of fire. This can be performed over a working day; the first half comprising of the assessment and the second presenting the fire safety recommendations.

In addition to assessing the risk of fire, Safety Tech Fire can offer training services to ensure that the fire safety proposals are adhered to. This may include keeping fire safety standards in a premises or gaining the knowledge to effectively enact fire drills. Whatever your needs, at Safety Tech Fire we can provide assessments and training that ensure your legal obligations are met.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire extinguisher training courses include the following:

  1. The process of fire extinguisher identification
  2. Selecting the correct extinguishers for different types of fire
  3. Fire extinguisher features
  4. The methodology behind the use of fire extinguishers
  5. Practical demonstrations

Many of our training programmes include live fire fighting demonstrations in a controlled environment. The benefits of practical fire extinguisher training cannot be underestimated as the confidence gained will produce finite results, ranging from giving assistance to fire fighting professionals to nipping a blaze in the bud before it spreads.

As a result, trainees are given certificates of the skills they have gained. Safety Tech Fire offers a bespoke approach to programmes meaning that the course content can be focussed towards your business operations. Courses include the following elements:

  1. Fire extinguisher locations on your business premises
  2. Fire drill and evacuation policies
  3. Assessment and recognition of fire risks in your workplace
  4. General fire safety methodology and procedures
  5. The roles of staff members in the event of fire

Our dedicated and knowledgeable fire training professionals draw upon many years of experience in the Fire Service. The result is our programmes include all of the essential information presented in an accessible and effective manner; part of this is allowing trainees to enquire about all matters pertaining to fire safety.





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